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Our Fairfax bondsman will meet you here and have your friend/family out in no time!

For bail bonds Fairfax VA and a Fairfax County Jail bondsman that is always fast and always professional, call our Northern VA office at (703) 798-8510.

Other names for the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center are:

  • Fairfax Adult Detention Center
  • Fairfax Jail
  • Fairfax County Jail
  • Fairfax County Detention Center

Contact information for the  jail:

  • 10520 Judicial Drive
    Fairfax, VA 22030.
  • Public parking garage is at:
    10550 Page Avenue.
  • Jail phone number:

Bail Bonds Fairfax, VA:  Call for 24/7 Emergency bail bonding service…(703) 798-8510

We will answer any questions you may have and then our courteous bondsman will meet you at there!

A Little History

Way back in the Colonial period, in 1802, when the Fairfax jail was originally built, people were convicted for some very different crimes such as Sabbath breaking, drunkenness, adultery and public swearing.

The first courthouse moved from an area where Tyson’s Corner now stands to Alexandria Old Town on Market Square. Neither structure stands today, but the third courthouse, which was built in 1800, is at the corner of Main Street and Chain Bridge Road, in the City of Fairfax. It is next door to the old jail that was originally built in 1802, burned down in 1884, and was rebuilt and renovated in the early 20th century. It now houses administrative staff for the Sheriff’s Office.

The Adult Detention Center is unique in the nation because it provides four types of jail housing: linear, podular remote, and direct supervision. Both male and female sheriff’s deputies manage the inmate population, which averages about 1,300 daily. Most of a 750-bed expansion opened in the fall of 2000. —Fairfax County Jail Then and Now

Inmates , if not bonded out by a Fairfax bail bonds bondsman, are waiting for trial and sentencing, are already convicted and serving a sentence, or they are awaiting transfer to a state facility. Fairfax offenders are usually sentenced to 12 months or less. The VA law states that inmates sentenced to a year or more will go to a state prison.

For Fairfax County Adult Detention Center Inmate information (and/or for any other jail in Virginia) search here:

Fairfax Jail – “In the News”

No Charges Filed Following Police Probe Of Taser Death In Fairfax County Jail

The Fairfax County Police completed an investigation into the death of a mentally ill inmate who died … after being hit several times with…

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