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bail bonds loudoun county va

Our Loudon County bondsman will meet you here for fast, courteous release of your friend or family member.

Bail Bonds Loudoun County – Leesburg Bondsman

Need a bail bondsman for the Loudoun County Jail? More formally called the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center, but even sometimes just the Leesburg Jail?

Our bondsman is an expert at bail bonds Loudoun County and works 24/7. So simply call us at (703) 798-8510 before you head over here. We will get everything set up so that the bail bond process goes as quickly and easily as possible.

Call us first, then meet us at the Loudoun Jail:

42035 Loudoun Center Pl
Leesburg, VA 20175

We also do bail bonds from our Leesburg bondsman office:

Kwik and EZ Bail Bonds in Leesburg
102 North St NE
Leesburg, VA 20176
(703) 798-8510

The Loudoun County Adult Detention Center is “open” 24-hours-a-day and our bail bondsman works 24/7 also.

For bail bonds Loudoun County Jail and a Loudoun bondsman that is always fast and always professional, call our Northern VA office at (703) 798-8510.

More about the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center:

… located near the Leesburg airport. The Adult Detention Center opened for business on June 16, 2007. The Adult Detention Center, administrative offices, the Loudoun County Magistrate’s Office, and the jail are all located within the same compound. The center uses both the direct and podular remote methods of inmate supervision.

The Loudoun Adult Detention Center houses maximum, medium, and minimum security level inmates. Some inmates may find themselves housed at the facility for up to three years before being delivered to the State Department of Corrections.

Often inmates will receive a stay of delivery to the Department of Corrections because of appeals. Local inmates receiving 12 months or less will serve their sentence at the Loudoun Adult Detention Center.

Call us now for 24/7 bail bonding service (703) 798-8510.


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