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bail bonds Rappahannock Regional

Our bail bondsman serves the Rappahannock Regional Jail in Stafford, VA

The Rappahannock Regional Jail serves Stafford County, Spotsylvania County, King George County, and the City of Fredericksburg. It is the oldest, largest, and some say, the most successful regional government agency in the Fredericksburg area. It was founded in 1968 and for years has provided for the public safety in a humane and cost effective manner.

For bail bonds Rappahannock Regional or a Stafford, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania bondsman that is always fast and always professional, call our Northern VA office at (703) 798-8510.


1745 Jefferson Davis Highway
Stafford, Virginia 22555-3300
(540) 288-5245

For specific contact information for the Rappahannock Regional Jail including all phone and extension numbers, visit:

Here are just a few of the numbers and extensions:

Dial (540) 288-5245 then, enter the appropriate extension below:

Department Extension
Inmate Property 515
Inmate Accounts 207
Medical 518
Inmate Visitation 400
Intake 505
Mailroom 206
Security/Confinement 285
Pretrial Information (540) 288-5275

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…The Intake Department of the Inmate Processing Division of the jail is responsible for the booking and release process of all persons committed or transferred to this facility. They are responsible for serving all warrants, subpoenas and legal paperwork on currently incarcerated inmates as well as fingerprinting inmates… The Intake Department [also] identifies suspected illegal aliens and forwards information to the Immigration and Custom Enforcement for investigation and possible deportation.

…The Intake Department schedules bail bond hearings for inmates served with new warrants. The Intake Department processes inmates for scheduled releases, inmates bonding and or transferred to other facilities. …

The Inmate Records Department of the Inmate Processing Division is responsible for the development and maintenance of the inmate jail record. The Inmate Records staff are responsible for assuring that information regarding charges, bonds, court dates etc are entered into the Jail’s Management System. The Records staff are responsible for setting up and managing Video Arraignments of inmates scheduled to attend. The Inmate Records staff compute release dates for inmates sentenced up to 12 months. …

The Property Department of the Inmate Processing Division is responsible for the changeover and issuance of jail clothing and linens to each inmate housed at the jail. They enter the inmate’s personal property in the jail management system and place the property in inmate number assigned property bags. The Property staff are responsible for approved court exchanges and inmate requested release of personal property. The Property Staff are responsible for releasing the inmate’s personal property upon their scheduled release.

Questions or concerns involving the Inmate Processing Division may be directed to Captain Diane Wilson at or by calling 540-288-5281

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